• WildCAD is a new, fast growing company

    operating in the engineering industry


What I can offer

  • CAD designs
  • CAD models for FEM analyses
  • CAM paths creation
  • 3D CAD models from drawings
  • CAD models for 3D print
  • 3D PDF creation
  • Technological processes selection
  • Technical drawings creation
  • Machines design
  • Production engineering
  • Data management

and many others – do not hesitate to contact us


As project manager
  • Redesign & implementation for production (technological drawings making & process creation, risk analysis, legal demands check) of free hanging filter to control light airborne dust or smoke in a contaminated air stream
  • project of picking new sinter material for conveyors wheels
As a design engineer
  • Project of redesign and increase of product sizes scale (fans)
    Redesign & implementation for production ( technological drawings making & process creation) of a dust extraction table
  • Design, prototype & implementation for production, and Atex tests calculations of Explosion Isolation Flap Valve


Products, for which were prepared technological drawings, process technology, and production preparation:

  • Oil filters,
  • Vacuum filters,
  • Chip centrifuges,
  • Steel belt conveyors,
  • Chip wringers,
  • Coolant filters,
  • Skip hoists,

And many other:

  • Fox shape paper holder- 3D model and CAM program preparation
  • Aquarium lightning design,
  • Hardness checking analysis,
  • Custom hooks, machine doors, shelves etc.


WildCAD  Karolina Nogal

mgr inż. Karolina Nogal

Phone: (+48) 799 997 842

E-mail: karolina.wildcad@gmail.com